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Captive and Alternative Products

At Knight International/(Hilb) we offer more than just traditional insurance products. At the conclusion of each risk management process, the risk financing solution is not always to buy insurance. A customized and creative risk financing technique is what separates our client’s from their competitors by not only protecting but also improving their bottom line.

These solutions come in many forms and products including captives. A captive has many benefits that a traditional product cannot offer, such as; sharing in underwriting profits and investment dollars, control over pay in premiums, control over losses, stability of premiums regardless of market conditions, broader coverage, tax deductibility and wealth accumulation to name a few.

Stop leaving premium dollars on the table each and every year. Let our team of experienced professionals help you design an alternative solution that will improve your bottom line. Products that we offer;

  • Group Captives
  • Rent A Captives (segregated cell)
  • Single Parent Captive
  • 831b (mini) Captive
  • Self-Insured Groups
  • Risk Retention Groups
  • Small to Large Deductible Plans
  • Retrospective Plans
  • Dividend Plans
  • Stand Alone Excess and Aggregate Insurance
  • Loss Portfolio Transfers

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